Damn Colli Con has some spitters! Young Illusion!

Just gunna do everyone a favor and leave this new Nas documentary right here for your watching enjoyments.

I saw a 22 year old cousin this weekend for Thanksgiving, and he’d never heard of Nas. Our conversation ended rather abruptly. The youth these days..

I forgot to get this posted when it dropped a while back, but if you still haven’t seen the new video, check out Kings Landing, Kaz goes in. Substance AND style. 

This was shot in the basement of the Creative Clubhouse, same room we shot the Raindrops video in, just in a completely different light. I got a song with a verse from Kaz comin up too, look out. 

Check out the new one

Colli Con representative Poetic Outkast with some introspection on this new one. These dudes never stop. Go grab a free download over here.

Saw Deuce perform this last week at The Show, if you missed that you slept. Sick video, the beat and the reversed visuals went really well together.

New one from Edmontons own Ambiguous and OozeeLa, from ‘Biggies album of the same name. Musta been shot last year in the snow.. long time coming!

My big homie DJ Dice holding down the tables with the Won 18 crew back in 98! Shouts to Rellik for linking me to this!

About you mcdonalds looting post: You can't justify breaking into someone's establishment and looting it because they were helping out protestors with the goods they stole. No one is telling the loot- protestors to go out and practice their first amendment right. But if they want to (to which they rightfully have the right to) they aren't justified to go and destroy property and loot others work. It's sickening what's going on over there and worst yet, the naiivety of "supporters" for the cause



You find it sickening that people support breaking into a McDonalds to get milk to help out people who were tear gassed.

I find it sickening that people like you hide behind the disingenuous care for local businesses and focus on poor McDonalds having their window broken instead of FAR more egregious rights violations and abuse of power that is going on with law enforcement. 

Journalists have been arrested for no reason. 
Cops are walking around with no badges or name tags.
Kids have been purposely tear gassed.
People standing on their OWN PROPERTY have been shot with rubber bullets and tear gassed. 

You ignore all of that to focus on some fucking milk from McDonalds because you can’t find any other way to oppose protests in favor of a Black teenager being murdered without looking like a bigot. 

That wack ass bullshit logic doesn’t fly around here. 


This year at the second year of Zion Noiz I wore what I’m calling the Cloak of Recitation on stage to perform, because the first year I felt under dressed rapping in street clothes, and because, well, I wanted a cape. There’s footage of the cloak fitting (that I didn’t really realize Maurice was filming), and a bit of footage from my performance at the end of the clip.

I’m hoping I get the chance to go out and rhyme again next year, this is one of my favourite shows to play. Good people, good vibes, good times, you should come if your in the area.