4 of my favourite DJs, last night at Naked. Creeasian, Dice, Budakron, and Baggylean! At the same damn time!

4 of my favourite DJs, last night at Naked. Creeasian, Dice, Budakron, and Baggylean! At the same damn time!

Sad to see the place go, but I look forward to seeing what Nick, Mike and Travis have up next. The art on the walls and in the air at CC will go down as YEG Hip Hop legend. Glad I got to take part in some shows there, and that I was able to use it as the location for the Raindrops video last winter. Salute!

I’m gunna drop some gems in this little room. Big ups Dice and Lorien. #Booth #Carpentry #Pro

I’m gunna drop some gems in this little room. Big ups Dice and Lorien. #Booth #Carpentry #Pro

Stray played this one for me a while back over at Dice’s place when I was asking them about the DGC after seeing a Dangerous Goods Crew shirt. Dope track, Touch always has the ill concepts. Everybodies nice, but who actually spits rhymes about their pleasant disposition. Can’t let em think Hip Hop was a bunch of bad guys.

Catch @Touch182 doin his thing along with DJ Xoalin down at Chicago Joes every Friday night.

Stray, or Touch for that matter, might make an appearance on one of these EPs I’m putting together, no guarantees, but its been discussed.

Idealism and Poetic Outkast nail down a track on one of my favorite topics, keepin shit real. Tough to believe Idealism is so young (16?) and has insight like this. Real talent in the Colli Con. Glad to call these guys the new wave on our scene. Support real rap. Especially local.

Newest offering from the CannibalKings, Nuck and Jim Duggan throwin bars for a bonus track promoting their CKMY EP project (Get that at Http://www.CannibalKings.com for free).

Flavor as always, with some dope edits on the video side of things, and a chilled out, but still dramatic beat supplied by local production team PhineGrub. YEG Hip Hop is representing in the 2014.

Keep up over at https://www.facebook.com/wearecannibalkings.

So, while the rest of Edmonton runs around dropping these beautiful HD videos, I’m over here rhyming into a cell phone to promote our weekly Cypher 5 meetings, Tuesday nights at 7 at Naked Cyber Cafe downtown.

This video wasn’t in the plan when I went to Dice’s a few weekends ago, but Dre Pharoh swung by and was intent on coming out of the day equipped with a video to post up to promote Cypher 5. Originally Dre said he wanted to rhyme something on this beat, and I was content to be camera cell-phone man. Just to make sure the shot was gunna be what he was looking for though, Dre goes “Doobs, get in the booth and let me test this shot.” So I do that, and when the beat came on I just randomly selected a verse to rhyme and spit it, cuz that’s what I’ll tend to do with a mic in front of me and an instrumental spinning. Dre then goes, “Hey, maybe you wanna just drop that for now and I’ll do mine another time?”. Thus, I became the first in what I’m told will be a series of us Cypher 5ers dropping promos to try to shed a bit more light onto the weekly meetings where we study and practice the elements, as well as discuss issues surrounding Hip Hop, and build a network face to face within the community.

Hopefully we get the sound worked out better for the next ones, (we doubled up the beat, but you can tell its real cuz my vocals still get quieter when the camera cell moves away). I don’t think we even actually recorded the signal off the studio mic, only what was playing through the studio monitors picked up by the cell. With any effort at all this could have been done a lot more pro. Next time I do this I’ll call in the DSLR and do even a minimal amount of planning as far as what audio tracks we use. Meh. It is what it is. Come to the meetings, and look out for my upcoming collaboration with Dice, the “Doobs & Dice EP”, it’ll be a lot more polished than this was!

http://www.facebook.com/doobyisMC is the fan page, Peace!

Stripes returns to Eville in time to make an appearance on the first of the monthly cypher videos that Doomsquad is set to release. 4 solid verses. Dudes rhymescheme is a trip. Find him over at http://facebook.com/stripeshiphop

Muta let go of another video the other day, this one set on the snowy streets of the E, with Mr Mouraine kicking bars over Nas’ new age classic. Wonder if there’s any original production on Prince of the Nile,the mixtape he’s dropping “mid February”. Hopefully, but either way, cool.

Support at http://Mutamouraine.BandCamp.com

"Never had good grades, but I had cool Jays, and I smoked 2 Ls."

Bronson gives Portland another reason to be at his show, this time putting hands to a bouncer who somewhat inexplicably tries to stop him from lighting up. It looks like it could be reality, but with three videos now so quickly, the first 2 featuring him throwing stage crashers back into the crowd, its getting a bit tough to believe this isn’t a planned exit. Especially since he’d just finished performing the same song in this as in one of the other videos (I think, right?). Meh. A lawsuit could prove the reality of the situation.